Digital Pedagogy

The Educational and Classroom Technologies (ECT) group works to foster the purposeful application of new technologies and media to enhance teaching and learning. We believe that good technologies for teaching and learning are rooted in the same principles as sound pedagogy — encouraging creativity, exploration, discovery, and collaboration.

Mapping & Timelines

Audio-visual Composition

Blogging & Digital Publishing

Collaborative Annotation


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Digital Projects for Teaching and Learning

The Educational and Classroom Technologies group in the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning contributes to the development of online projects for teaching, learning, and research. Through the creation of online platforms for collaborative coursework, interactive instructional materials, research tools, and searchable archives, the ECT works with Princeton faculty to develop unique tools that encourage explorative, creative, and media-rich learning.

McGraw Commons

The McGraw Commons is an online platform for websites related to Princeton courses. The Commons currently hosts the WordPress and Omeka platforms giving faculty a wide range of options for online publishing. WordPress, our primary tool for online coursework, is an easy-to-use, flexible, shared website creation platform that brings with it a broad range of possibilities for student writing, creative expression, commenting, and discussion. With the addition of ‘plugins’, some of which were created specifically to address the needs of Princeton courses, the Commons can serve as a platform for text, image, video and audio annotation, media collection and analysis, crowd-sourced tagging, and language learning.

The McGraw Digital Learning Lab

The McGraw Digital Learning Lab in the Lewis Library Building is a technology-rich teaching space optimized for multimedia projects. With high-end computers featuring a curated slate of software tools for multimedia projects such as audio and video editing, graphic design, data visualization, 3-D modeling, and website development, as well as an audio recording booth for voice-over narration and music production, the DLL regularly hosts classes engaged in multimedia coursework and partners with faculty to support digital coursework and assignments. Through peer collaborations and student-run workshops, the DLL also serves as a hub for student engagement with multimedia technologies.

A Digital Tookit

With so many applications available, how do you find those that will enhance your course? This page will help you find the tools (and the support from McGraw staff) to help you build your ideal “tool box” for teaching. The applications are categorized by pedagogical need or teaching activity. Browse the toolkit for ideas about digital tools for remote teaching. Have an idea for a tool that would be useful in your teaching? Let us know by suggesting a tool.