E-reader on book with glassesEducational & Classroom Technologies

The mission of the Educational and Classroom Technologies (ECT) group (part of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning) is to foster purposeful application of new technologies and media to enhance teaching and learning. We believe that good technologies for teaching and learning are rooted in the same principles as sound pedagogy — encouraging creativity, exploration, discovery, and collaboration.


Learning Spaces


Inside the Digital Learning Lab, 24 work stations allow for processor-intensive tasks such as video editing, graphics, 3D and data visualization.

The McGraw Teaching Lab in Frist 330 showcases innovative teaching technologies and houses McGraw Center events

The collaborative work station in the Digital Learning Lab’s “collabraquarium” allows study groups to work together, sharing content on large flat panels.

Course Support

Our staff can work with you to build custom course content, tailored to the needs of learning at Princeton

The Educational and Classroom Technologies group supports and maintains platforms for course blogs, wikis, and online image archives.

Staff at the Digital learning Lab provide support and training for media-rich coursework including audio and video editing.

Simple visualization tools, such as maps, can enhance student assignments.

The Digital Learning Lab hosts workshops on topics relevant to coursework.

Inclusive Teaching

Students connect with learning in many different ways. We can help you prepare your curricular materials to be as inclusive as possible.

We can help you set learning objectives to reach our diverse student population.

Large classrooms can present special challenges. Technology can help to alleviate them.

Learn how to make your curricular materials widely accessible.

Technology is a means to inclusion.

Classroom Technologies

Audience response systems provide real-time feedback on student understanding and engagement.

The Swivl robotic video capture platform rotates to automatically follow the speaker.

Automated grading systems provide scoring and statistical analysis of multiple choice tests.