What’s old is new again: the ScantronScore at the McGraw Center

There’s a new interest on campus in assessments that allow quick return of grades to students, accompanied by detailed analytics that can help define curricular goals. The ScantronScore uses the same bubble sheets you may have used on an assessment or survey sometime in your career; the newer machines now allow detailed reports on class performance as well as the opportunity to review the assessment through item analysis, a process that can identify problematic questions or areas of the curriculum that need more review. They are ideal for low stakes assessments.

The McGraw Center will stock the most popular form for the ScantronScore, a basic 100-question answer sheet.This particular sheet offers the option of having up to 4 versions of the same test, a subjective score (for example, for an essay question or other written work, graded separately from the machine-graded test questions), and space on the reverse of the form for the honor code or a short essay.

If you would like to administer a different type of test, there are many compatible forms for the ScantronScore that might work better for your purposes. Compatible forms must be purchased from Scantron–there is no option to print your own forms. Each form can be reviewed in a PDF version that is watermarked against use, but that clearly shows the form’s features. Apart from graded assessments, surveys and ballots can also be carried out using the Scantron.

The machine is based at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, where a staff member will help you to grade and analyze your assessment. You must first get a copy of the score sheet you wish to use, and complete one as an answer key; after this sheet is fed through the Scantron, your student tests can be graded against the key(s). You can schedule a time with us to run your results.

So stock up on your #2 pencils. It’s back to the bubble sheet, with improved technology.

If you purchase your own Scantron forms, make sure to get ones with space for a machine-readable student ID (Princeton IDs have nine digits). This type of form will enable you to upload the scores to your Blackboard Grade book. Forms with a student ID field begin with the item prefix “SC”

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Posted by October 14, 2015