VoiceThread for online discussions

The Princeton community now has access to VoiceThread, an online multimedia discussion platform for coursework. This powerful tool for asynchronous conversations around images, audio, video, documents, and presentations offers new possibilities for collaborating with students outside the classroom. Students can comment on multimedia documents via text, telephone, by uploading an audio or video recording, or by recording themselves directly in the web browser.

VoiceThread is available to all Princeton courses through either Blackboard or Canvas. In Blackboard, add a Tool link to your course menu and look for VoiceThread in the available tools. In Canvas, add VoiceThread to your Modules page by adding an item to a Module, selecting External Tool from the dropdown menu, and then clicking on VoiceThread.

A VoiceThread Quickstart is available from the McGraw Center. You can also find instructions for using VoiceThread on the VoiceThread website at

Using VoiceThread in Blackboard: https://voicethread.com/howto/blackboard-2/
Using VoiceThread in Canvas: https://voicethread.com/howto/canvas/

General support: https://voicethread.com/howto/

Posted by March 27, 2020