Use clickers

The iClick­er system allows instructors to poll students in class and get live, immediate feedback. The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning offers sets of iClickers for temporary loan to Princeton faculty. Loans are free, but the clickers cannot be assigned to individual students. Availability is on a first-come-first-served basis, and clickers must remain in possession of the course instructor, to be handed out and collected at each class session.

To assign clickers to stu­dents for the dura­tion of a semester, the click­ers should be ordered as a textbook though the bookstore for student purchase. Clickers may be ordered using the Book Bag tool in Black­board. The ISBN num­ber for a clicker is 9781498601641.

The cost of a clicker is approx­i­mately $30.

Student -owned clickers can be integrated with the grade book in Black­board, or have results downloaded in common spreadsheet formats. Student-owned clickers are linked to a user netid.

For integration help, contact with your course name.

If a student has a clicker already registered in Blackboard, it will work in all courses in which the student is enrolled.

McGraw Center clickers are for course use only. For student and administrative events, clicker rentals can be arranged by con­tact­ing the iclicker com­pany directly. There are many online and browser-based apps that are similar to clickers. Most are free up to a certain number of participants.

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