Use an interactive whiteboard or document camera

EPSON Interactive whiteboard projectors:

There are several interactive Epson projectors on campus, including two in Frist 330. For a demo of how to use these projectors, please schedule a consultation.

SMART Interactive whiteboards

The classroom committee has purchased two SMART products, a series 8000 interactive whiteboard in Corwin 023, and a SMART Podium in McCosh 50.

The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning has a SMART Podium available for loan.

The software to run these boards is available at the SMART Technologies website, at the Support menu tab. Each download requires filling out a form, and the download and install process can take up to 30 minutes for Notebook; MeetingPro is a little faster.

To save time, here are the latest versions of the software installers:

Notebook for Mac 11, SP1

Notebook for Windows 11, SP1

MeetingPro for Windows 3.1, SP1

The activation codes needed to turn your download from a 30-day trial to a permanent version are:

SMART Meeting Pro product key:

UPDATE 2/27/13: New SMART Meeting Pro key information:

Original product order information:

  • Original license key – SM-SACS2-B2N2K-VSGWE-S6AAA
  • New license key – MP-2ACSC-DCE4U-CHEIC-A2AAA-AAA

The old key will continue to work, but you will not be able to update the Smart Meeting Pro software or get technical support using the old key. If you are using the old key, please replace it with the new one.

SMART Notebook product key:


These keys can be used as many times as needed to prepare staff and faculty computers for use with the SMART boards.

A tablet PC with the software installed is almost identical in functionality to the SMART products.

The new generation of document cameras:

Document cameras are a useful replacement for old style overhead projectors. New models are very portable, and allow for video capture as well as projection.

Document cameras are best used to show physical objects (i.e. paper, small artefacts and objects), with content you can’t replicate digitally, or wish to write or draw “live” in class.

Document cameras can also be used to demo electronic devices that do not have a video output.

The McGraw Center’s Educational and Classroom Technologies group has two HoverCam Neo3 document cameras for loan.

These cameras not only allow the functionality of displaying content (with or without a computer) in the classroom, but with the included software, can capture a lecture, using dual cameras. Using this camera, you can record your face, as well as whatever surface you’d like to draw upon, or mark up. The main camera will show whatever object or paper is on your desk, while the secondary camera projects a picture-in-picture of you, explaining the lesson or object.

To borrow the equipment listed above, please complete a request form.

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