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Voyant (Tools) is an online text comparison, analysis, and reading environment. Voyant offers a wide variety of tools (28 at the moment) for analyzing and visualizing text corpora. Corpus texts can be uploaded to Voyant or pulled from the web.

Why Use Voyant?

  • Because Voyant is completely online, students can work directly on their own computers.
  • With the huge number of tools available in Voyant, students can produce unique visualizations, analyses, and interpretations, even if they are all working on the collection of texts.
  • While the use of Voyant may take some training (the McGraw Center quite often offers training on Voyant to courses), the basic word frequency statistics, keyword-in-context (KWIC) display, and diachronic charts of work occurrences, are very intuitive.

How to Add Voyant to Your Course

Voyant is a completely online tool, requiring no downloads or software installation. If you plan on using your own texts for upload into Voyant some time should be set aside to prepare those materials.

Additional Resources:

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Quickstart Guide to Voyant, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, Princeton University
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Voyant Tools Tutorial, University of California, Santa Cruz Library

Posted by September 4, 2020