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VoiceThread is a platform for discussion of multimedia, creating a threaded conversation around files. Users can comment on images, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio files, documents, and PDFs.  Comments can be in the form of text, audio or video and can be submitted directly on the platform using the user’s computer’s built-in microphoneand web camera, by uploading an audio file, or by telephone. Additionally, while leaving a multimedia comment, users can draw annotations on the screen using VoiceThread’s ”doodle’ tool’.

Why Use VoiceThread?

Canvas ‘Discussions’ have the ability for students to comment on a media item. VoiceThread offers some features you will not find in Canvas Discussions:

  • Course participants can leave voice comments, reply to comments, and use annotation tools to mark up the presented material directly in the margins.
  • Comments can be added to media in a variety of ways, including recording audio or video directly in the web browser, uploading an audio file, or even using a telephone.
  • Discussions can be centered on a single image or audio/video file or on a series of elements, such as a Powerpoint presentation.
  • VoiceThread allows users to zoom into images, drawing the reader’s attention to specific details.
  • VoiceThread includes a ‘doodle tool’, allowing users to annotate the media they are discussing.
  • VoiceThread allows comments to be moderated.

How to Add VoiceThread to Your Course:

VoiceThread is available in both Blackboard and Canvas.

In Blackboard:

In any content area, select either “Build Content” or “Tools” and select “VoiceThread” from the drop-down menu.

In Canvas:

Create an assignment, and then select “External Tool” in the assignment in the “Submission type” drop-down. Then click “Find” and navigate to VoiceThread. Follow the on-screen prompts from there.

More Resources

OIT has reviewed the security and architecture of this tool.

Posted by April 27, 2020