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Unhangout is a platform for holding large-scale, virtual, participant-driven, community-based events online, developed at the MIT Media Lab and built using open-source components. Billed as a tool for online community gatherings rather than online lectures, an Unhangout event consists of a landing page chat room, called the lobby and an infinite number of breakout rooms. Participants can see who else is in the lobby and converse using the built-in chat tool. Event hosts can stream introductory videos into the lobby and invite participants to join breakout rooms. Breakout rooms are small group video chats. Unhangouts is free, easy to understand and quick to set up.

Why Use Unhangout?

  • Unhangout was developed by MIT’s Media Lab with academic events and audiences in mind.
  • Unhangout is free to use, is all open-source. Much like ‘unconferences’,  from which Unhangout gets its name, Unhangout was built to support participant-driven events.

How to Add X to Your Course

There is no integration of Unhangout with the Canvas course management system as there is with Zoom. Unhangout is available online at

Additional Resources:

An overview of the tool and project can be found at
Unhangout for Educators

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