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uMap is an open-source online tool for creating custom maps. Select from a wide range of OpenStreetMap basemaps and upload and add layers of data or manually place markers, lines, and polygons. Data can be exported in a variety of formats and maps can be embedded on course blogs or other websites.

Why Use uMap?

  • Allowing one to upload data files and plot that data on a map, uMap is somewhat like a GIS tool, but is more focused on the quick and easy creation of attractive maps for use on the web. uMap allows you to select icons and colors but is also not as annotation-focused as Google MyMaps.
  • uMap is completely open-source
  • If your students have spreadsheet data that contains latutude and longitude information or geojson data, uMap will allow them to import visualize those datasets. uMap should not however be used for very large datasets.

How to Add uMap to Your Course

uMap is an online tool and is free to use.  You may sign into the tool using an existing Twitter, Github, Bitbucket,  or OpenStreetMap account but are not required to do so to use the tool.

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Posted by March 9, 2021