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Twine is an open source tool used for creating interactive hypertext stories, poetry, games and interactive art. Hypertext works usually allow readers to make decisions while experiencing the work. Works in Twine are written in a series of passages that can be linked together, forming a sequence or a network of passages. When rendered as HTML, these links become hyperlinks that readers may follow.

Why Use Twine?

  • By breaking students’ creative writing in discrete chunks, greater attention can paid to the overall structure of their narrative.
  • An interactive story developed with Twine can be an engaging and unique experience for other students, perhaps leading to discussions about these experiences.
  • Twine is often used in language learning classes, giving students creative practice using the target language.

How to Add Twine to Your Course

Twine is open source and can be used online or as downloaded software for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Additional Resources:

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Posted by April 30, 2020