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TimeMapper, an open-source project of Open Knowledge Foundation Labs, is an online platform that combines timelines and maps. Titles, text, images, video, dates, and locations are compiled in a Google Sheet spreadsheet and then shared with TimeMapper to generate an attractive and engaging display with sequential slides and associated map and timeline.

Why Use Timemapper?

  • With no accounts to sign up for, TimeMapper is an especially attractive tool for student digital assignments.
  • Students who have experience using Google Sheets will have few problems producing a polished digital product.
  • Map and timeline visualizations offer new ways to look at course materials and TimeMapper is one of the few tools that allow one to juxtapose geographic locations with time.

How to Add Timemapper to Your Course

Timemapper is a completely online tool and is perhaps most useful for student projects, but embed codes are available allowing TimeMaps to be embedded in course blogs or in Canvas for use as instructional materials.

Additional Resources:

The Timemapper site itself provides instructions for creating a TimeMap.
Getting Started with Timemapper, Digital Writing and Research Lab, University of Texas

Posted by September 4, 2020