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Tiki-Toki is online software for creating interactive timelines. Timelines can include images and videos (from YouTube or Vimeo) and can be authored by groups of people and shared on the Web.  A 3D mode enables a visually impressive view of your timeline. A free, basic account allows you to create one fully-functional timeline.  With a paid account, timelines can be embedded on websites or course blogs.

Why Use Tiki-Toki?

  • Facilitates digital assignments in which students construct, visualize, and present knowledge in visually-rich ways.
  • Present a visual representation of the occurrence of events in time, but also, possible, the relative effect of one event upon others.
  • With multiple views of the timeline (linear 2D and 3D), events can be seen in multiple ways.

How to Add Tiki-Toki to Your Course

Tiki-Toki is completely online, but does require an account. The free account permits you to create one timeline.

Posted by September 4, 2020