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The Swivl is a tool that allows for high-quality video and audio capture of what happens in a classroom. The system consists of a robotic base, and an iPad. The iPad records the video of the lecture. while up to five wearable microphones capture audio. These microphones are called “markers.”

The primary marker is tracked by the robotic base, so that the person wearing or holding that marker is always in the video frame. The other markers can be used to extend the reach of the recording in a large room, or to record audio from small groups working together in class. Each marker has a different audio track, so those sources can combined or listened to separately.

Why Use Swivl?

  • to capture lecture and precept discussions
  • to record the findings of small working groups in the same classroom
  • to capture student performances such as  public speaking, dance, or musical performances

Recordings are auto-saved to a paid Swivl Cloud. After a recording is complete, it can be shared with the class, and participants can add timestamped comments. Instructors can upload PowerPoint or Keynote slides before or after the recording is complete, to have slides timed to lecture content.

How to Use Swivl in Your Course:

Contact the McGraw Center to arrange for use of a Swivl.

There is a limited supply of these devices, so please plan ahead.

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Posted by April 28, 2020