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Microsoft Sway is a free online application for creating online presentations, portfolios, web pages, and newsletters. Sway is part of the Microsoft Office Suite and part of Princeton’s Office 365. Using drag-and-drop tools, users collect text, images, and other media in ‘storylines’ that then get presented in a variety of formats and attractive designs.

Why Use Microsoft Sway?

  • Sway documents (Sways) are somewhat like a cross between a Powerpoint presentation and interactive webpage. While Powerpoint would be better choice to accompany oral presentations, Sway is an excellent choice for ‘digital storytelling’ assignments in which students explore and explain a topic.
  • Sway is completely online, provides an intuitive interface, and requires very minimal instruction. Students can create attractive websites with no coding.

How to Add Microsoft Sway to Your Course

Sway is part of the Office 365 suite of tools and is available by logging into Princeton’s Office 365 portal.

Additional Resources:

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Posted by November 18, 2020