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Sutori is an online presentation tool that allows users to create story timelines that can include photos, audio, video, documents, and quizzes. The resulting presention is displayed on a single page with elements sequenced along a central timeline. Individual projects can be shared with and edited by other Sutori users. Sutori is particularly useful for visualizing information as steps in a process or as a series of events.

Why Use Sutori?

  • Sutori is very easy to use and would require very minimal instruction to use effectively.
  • Sutori provides an attractive way to present sequential information. With a paid subscription, these presentations can also include quizzes.
  • Students can create online resources without the overhead of maintaining an entire website. Presentations created with Sutori can, however, also be embedded on a course blog/website and exported as PDF files.

How to Add Sutori to Your Course

Sutori is an online tool and an account is require for use.  The free tier allows one to create presentations that include text and images.

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