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StoryMapJS is a free, online tool developed by Northwestern University’s Knight Lab. Through an intuitive web interface, students can assemble a series of slides containing titles, text, images, and video and associate those slides with geographic locations. When complete, the resulting slideshow animates and illustrates a path on a map.

Why Use StoryMapJS?

  • Students can get started with StoryMapsJS with only minimal training and produce an attractive, interactive, and potentially informative resource.
  • StoryMapsJS is one of a few tools that enforces a display based on a sequence of events, reinforcing the narrative nature of this tool.  This can be particularly useful for student projects that recount travels, pilgrimages, migrations, or series of events in which the sequence has meaning.
  • As with most other digital projects, StoryMapJS provides students with an online artifact that persists after the course has finished.

How to Add StoryMapJS to Your Course:

StoryMapJS is available online free-of-charge. The McGraw Center can provide training and assistance to Princeton courses using StoryMapJS.  Contact for more information.

Additional Resources:

Quickstart Guide to StoryMapJS, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning

Posted by April 28, 2020