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Storiiies, a free online storytelling platform, that takes advantage of the capabilities of IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) to present a sequential series of annotations on digital images, such as digitized manuscripts or artwork. The easy-to-use Storiiies Editor allows one to compose annotations and to place those annotations on a digital object by panning and zooming.

Why Use Storiiies?

  • Using the OpenSeaDragon zooming viewer available with IIIF-enabled images makes the presentations created with Storiiies engaging while also allowing users to explore the digital artifacts on their own.
  • Storiiies is perhaps  best suited to individual students projects. The product of the work with Storiiies can then be embedded within a course website or platform.

How to Add X to Your Course

Storiiies is an online platform and so is used independently of the Canvas Learning Management system. Users are required to submit their email address when creating a Storiiies project, but no other registration is required.

Additional Resources:

Storiiies website with examples
The Storiiies Editor
An introduction to Storiiies, YouTube

Posted by January 11, 2022