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RAWGraphs is an easy-to-use, online data visualization tool used to generate a wide variety of data visualizations using a drag-and-drop interface. Data can be uploaded in many different formats, including Excel files, TSV, CSV, DSV, JSON, and copy and paste.

Why Use RAWGraphs?

  • RAWGraphs is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create visually engaging charts and graphs
  • For courses in which data visualization is not the primary focus, students can use learn to use this tool very quickly without dedicating time for training.
  • Data can be uploaded in a variety of ways and over 20 different types of visualizations are available.

How to Add RAWGraphs to your course

Access the tool at:
The graphs generated with RAWGraphs can be downloaded as image files or embedded in a course website.


Many other tools for visualizing data can be found at

Posted by September 4, 2020