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Prism is a tool for crowdsourced textual analysis and interpretation created the Praxis program at the University of Virginia’s Scholarslab. The platform allows contributors to add color-coded highlights to key terms, concepts, and sections in the text that correspond to pre-defined themes. The work can then be displayed as a visualization, showing this markup in aggregate. Along with the thematic color-coding, the text is displayed in wordcloud fashion in which the size of words is related to how often that word has been tagged.

Why Use Prism?

  • Prism is a simple tool that addresses and supports the very common pedagogical act of interpreting text. Very little instruction is likely needed to introduce this tool to students.
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How to Add Prism to Your Course

Prism is freely available online, but requires an account or Google login to contribute annotations.

Additional Resources:

Prism project website at Scholars’ Lab, University of Virginia.
Pedagogy Toolkit contains a video tutorial on the use of Prism and suggestions for use of the tool in the classroom.

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