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Perusall is e-reader and course readings manager with collaborative features for commenting and annotation. It allows you to upload or link to a wide variety of different media, from PDFs to videos to actual textbooks, which students can then read and annotate collaboratively.

Why Use Perusall?

  • students using Perusall tend to complete readings at rates upwards of 90%.
  • students can collectively annotate and reply to one another’s annotations on course readings.
  • compatible with digital readings in a variety of formats, including PDFs, video, web pages, blog posts, and digital textbooks from major publishers available for purchase in-platform.

How to Add Perusall to Your Course:

Perusall can be integrated into your course through Canvas or independently. Perusall is not currently integrated with Blackboard at Princeton. However, Perusall can still be used in courses outside of the learning management system. Create a free account on the Perusall website or use your existing Facebook, Google or Twitter account to login.  Create your course within Perusall, then ask your students to join your course after logging in.

To add Perusall the main menu in a Canvas course site:

  • click Settings at the bottom of the site menu.
  • One the resulting page, click the tab labeled Navigation. Find the Perusall link in the lower portion of this page and drag the link into the upper portion, placing it at the preferred  position in the menu.
  • Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page and click Save.
  • Perusall should now be available in your course menu.

Additional Resources

A Quickstart Guide to Perusall, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Using Perusall Outside of Blackboard or Canvas, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Perusall help documentation, Getting Started


OIT has reviewed the security and architecture of this tool.

Posted by September 8, 2020