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Panopto is a video management platform used for recording, organizing, embedding, and streaming live video. The system is integrated with Canvas for video/audio course content, but can also be used for do-it-yourself lecture capture, screencasting, and video streaming. In addition to publishing videos, Panopto also includes a suite of web-based tools for video editing, time-coded discussions, in-video quizzes, and caption editing.

Why Use Panopto?

  • Video files can be quite large and sharing those files can be headache. A streaming platform such as Panopto makes the process much easier by allowing you to upload videos and then to make those videos available to specific courses or people.
  • Panopto makes it easy to restrict access to videos you have uploaded to the system. Share videos with specific people or with groups of people defined within Panopto.
  • Panopto includes tools for creating clips
  • The Panopto video player allows users to leave comments at specific points in the video.

How to Add Panopto to Your Course

Panopto is fully integrated in Canvas.  If Panopto is not immediately visible in your site menu as ‘Panopto video’, go into Settings -> Navigation to add it to your course.  Panopto is also available outside of Canvas.

Additional Resources:

More information can be found on the McGraw Center website and in the Canvas Field Guide section on Panopto.

OIT has reviewed the security and architecture of this tool.

Posted by October 28, 2020