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Palladio is a free-to-use online platform for generating visualizations of humanistic data that combine spatial, temporal and relational views. Palladio is completely online. Add datasets in CSV (comma separated values) format then make relational connections between tables and visualize as network graphs, maps, and galleries.

Why Use Palladio?

  • Palladio is probably the easiest way to get involved in network graph visualization or with visualizing geo-referenced data.
  • Palladio can be a good tool for student projects, but also as a way to prompt discussion in class. Visualizations of the relationships between characters in a book or correspondences between historical figures can provide new views on familiar materials.

How to Add Palladio to Your Course:

Palladio is completely free to use. The McGraw Center can provide training and support for courses using Palladio. Contact mcgrawect@princeton for more information.

Additional Resources:

Getting Started with Palladio, Miriam Posner
Quickstart Guide to Palladio, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning

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