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Overleaf is an online LaTeX, BibTeX, and Rich Text collaborative writing and publishing tool focused on academic writing. LaTeX, a document preparation markup language that offers a wide range of symbols and typography suited to academic publishing, is normally written in ‘plain text’. Overleaf provides a hybrid writing environment for composing LaTeX with convenient tools, shortcuts and automatic preview rendering. In addition, Overleaf provides time-saving templates useful for the development of teaching materials or course assignments that make use of LaTeX and files can be shared on the platform.

Why Use Overleaf?

  • Overleaf can be used for interactive demonstrations during class, and to provide students with templated assignments. Because Overleaf is completely online, there is no need for students to install anything on their computers.
  • Overleaf includes tools for instructor feedback, including “track changes” and commenting.
  • LaTeX has become the standard for typesetting scientific documents, particularly those that include mathematical expressions. Your students will be learning a valuable skill.  While Overleaf is by no means necessary for typesetting documents using LaTeX, it provides tools that make the process easier.

How to Add Overleaf to Your Course

Overleaf is an online platform and tool. Licenses are provided by the Princeton University Library to members of the Princeton community.  Sign-up using your Princeton email address to claim your free Overleaf Professional account.

Additional Resources:

Guide to Overleaf,  Princeton University Library

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Posted by January 26, 2021