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Mural is an online, shared, interactive digital whiteboard. Collaborators can draw, write with styluses, type, post sticky notes, and insert media from a wide range of devices. Mural boards can also be exported, shared, and embedded in a website. Mural also integrates with numerous external tools, including Google Drive, Google Calendar, Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft Excel and Word, GitHub, and Slack.

Why Use Mural?

  • Mural offers many more features than some other available whiteboard platforms such as built-in chat, voting, embedded files, presentation mode, and the ability to ‘summon’ participants to direct their attention.

How to Add Mural to Your Course

Go to and create a trial account, then create a workspace. At this point, you may purchase a license or apply for an Educator account to use Mural for free.

To apply for an Educator account, visit the MURAL for Education webpage ( and click the “Apply Now”. Note that it may take 3-5 days for your educator account to be approved, but that you can use the workspace in the interim. During the process, you will let Mural know how many memberships you need for your students and  teaching team.

When this is done, you can invite your students to MURAL from your workspace as members ( Note that they should not register on Mural as you did. That would cause them to create their own workspaces.

Free accounts for educators are limited to 10 members, 25 registered guests, and unlimited visitors. Visitors can view and edit the mural but their contributions are anonymous.

Additional Resources:

Innovative Education at Work: A New Way of Learning, Keller Center, Princeton University help center


OIT has reviewed the security and architecture of this tool.

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