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Mentimeter is a web-based application that allows live audiences to participate in polls using their mobile devices. Questions can be asked in a variety of ways, including multiple choice, open-ended text responses, word clouds, scales, ranking, or quizzes. Results are tabulated and displayed on the presenter’s screen and can be downloaded afterwards as a pdf file.

Why Use Mentimeter?

  • as a clicker replacement to poll students during lecture. Polls can be used break the ice and more importantly, to gauge comprehension and get feedback during lecture
  • to create word clouds from student entries or create short-answer responses
  • to share student feedback live, in class

How to Add Mentimeter to Your Course:

instructions forthcoming

Additional Resources:

Mentimeter features

Quickstart guide to Mentimeter

OIT has reviewed the security and architecture of this tool.

Posted by April 28, 2020