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McGraw Commons

The McGraw Commons is an online publishing platform for teaching and learning. Powered by WordPress, the McGraw Commons provides quick and easy website creation and a wide array of tools that encourage participation, active learning, and creative expression. Course blogs support tagging, commenting, and the inclusion of images, audio, video, and maps in posts.

Why Use Commons?

McGraw Commons has been used by hundreds of Princeton courses to enable students to have a voice in the course. Commons allows for web content authored by students to be the analog of a term paper or capstone assignment.

Commons enable assignments that use

  • enriched multimeda using video and audio (short films, documentaries or podcasts)
  • text-intensive storytelling incorporating maps and media
  • posts and comments on topics central to course content

How to Add a Commons Site to Your Course

Contact the Educational and Classroom Technologies group at

Additional Resources

More detailed information about McGraw Commons

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Posted by April 28, 2020