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MapHub is a free, online tool for creating custom maps with markers, lines, and polygons, much like Google MyMaps but using the open source OpenStreetMaps. A wide variety of basemaps are available, data can be imported. The platform is powerful yet very easy to use.

Why Use MapHub?

  • Uses open source maps which avoid some of the commercial aspects of Google Maps.
  • Allows for unlimited groupings of markers, i.e. avoids the 10 layer limit in Google MyMaps
  • Includes a huge array of possible marker icons as well as many more basemaps than Google MyMaps.
  • MapHub is easy to use and requires very little training.

How to MapHub to Your Course

MapHub is not integrated with the Canvas course management system at all. Students will need to create free accounts on the MapHub site, but after they have done so, they can create their own maps and collaborate with other MapHub users.

Additional Resources:

Quickstart Guide to MapHub, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning

MapHub help documentation

Posted by January 29, 2021