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JuxtaposeJS provides a tool for comparing two similar images by ‘swiping’ back and forth. It’s especially useful for highlighting changes over time (coastline erosion, forest regrowth, etc.) or before/after stories. An example of the tool in action can be found on the JuxtaposeJS website.

Why Use JuxtaposeJS?

  • Provides an easy to use tool for comparing before and after photographs.

How to Add JuxtaposJS to your course

Instructions for creating a JuxtaposeJS tool is available on the website itself in the ‘Create a Juxtapose’ section. Supply the URLs of the two image, set a few configuration options and generate the tool. The Juxtapose tool can also be embedded on a website, such as a course website on McGraw Commons.

Additional Resources:

Knight Lab, Northwestern University

Posted by September 4, 2020