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iClicker is a student response system that provides instant feedback during lecture. The use of in-class polling promotes active learning and gathers information about comprehension and consensus. iClicker receives student input two ways — either from an app on a mobile device, or from a mechanical “clicker” with five buttons, A – E. Both methods allow student votes to be visible in class, and once the session is complete, for results to be sent to the Canvas or Blackboard grade book for the course. Participation and performance points can be rewarded for each session.

Why use iClicker?

  • Polling students during lecture can not only ensure they are paying attention, it can also give them time to reflect upon the materials and highlight important topics
  • A quick poll can help tailor your lecture  based on comprehension revealed in the poll
  • Polls can lighten the mood in class and enrich a sense of a learning community.
  • Polls can be used in creative ways to enhance how students interact with each other in class by asking questions that require students to work together to reach consensus

How to add iClicker to your course:

Princeton-specific iClicker software is available from the McGraw Center. Canvas and Blackboard at the moment, require two different versions of the iClicker software.

For courses using mechanical clickers, or a combination of the iClicker Reef app and mechanical clickers, the instructor also needs a kit consisting of a receiver base-station and instructor clicker.

To get software and an instructor’s kit, contact the McGraw Center

iClicker Class id already integrated with Blackboard.

If you wish to use iClicker with Canvas:

  • Select Settings from your main course menu.
  • Select the tab at the top of the page labeled Navigation.
  • Find the item labeled iClicker Registration in the lower portion of the navigation list and drag it into the upper section.
  • Be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  • iClicker Registration should now be visible in your course menu.

Additional Resources

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Posted by April 27, 2020