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Google Ngram Viewer

Google Ngram Viewer is an online search tool that charts the yearly frequencies of occurences of search terms in books printed between 1500 and 2019 contained in Google Books. The underlying corpus contains texts printed in English, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. Also included are some specialized English corpora, such as American English, British English, and English Fiction.

Why Use Google Ngrams?

  • Provides a quick and easy way to visualize the use of language over time.
  • Can be used as a tool for digital assignments in which students discover and juxtapose changes in cultural and/or literary trends.

How to Add Google Ngrams to your course

Google Ngrams is completely online and does not require any specialized software. Simply make the link available to your students.

Additional Resources:

Google Ngrams Viewer

Posted by September 4, 2020