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Google MyMaps

Google MyMaps is an online tool that takes advantage of the Google Maps engine to support the creation of personal digital maps. Similar to the very familiar Google Maps, Google MyMaps allows you to choose between different base maps, add points, lines and regions, and add narrative text, audio, and video. Google MyMaps are stored in your personal Google account and can be kept private, exported as KML data files for import into other software such as Google Earth, or embedded on a website or blog.

Why Use Google MyMaps?

  • Because Google MyMaps requires so little training to use, it can be a very good choice for mapping assignments that don’t require the sophisticated features of GIS (geographical information system) software.
  • Google MyMaps is collaborative, meaning groups of students can work on the same map.
  • Google MyMaps can be an interesting notetaking tool. Take note of locations mentioned in a reading or where historical events took place. Visualizations such as maps allow students to conceptualize course materials in different frames.
  • Layers of information on the map can shown or hidden and can help to represent a chronology.

How to Add Google MyMaps to Your Course

Google MyMaps is free to use by anyone with a Google account. Staff members from the McGraw Center can work with your students to learn Google MyMaps and to develop their course projects.

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