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Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is an online shared whiteboard especially useful for remote synchronous collaboration. Jamboard provides a canvas onto which students and instructors can sketch, diagram ideas, and draw collaboratively. This work can then be save to Google Drive or exported as a PDF. As part of the Google Apps suite, Jamboard is completely free to use for members of the Princeton community. Each “Jam” can have up to 20 slides.

Why Use Google Jamboard?

  • Google Jamboard is extremely easy to implement and, for the most part, immediately understandable.
  • Jamboards can be shared with anyone who has a Google account.
  • Google Jamboard offers a variety of markup features, including free-form drawing tools (Pen, Marker, Highlighter, and Brush), draggable ‘sticky notes’, uploaded images or images from Drive, Photos, or Google Images.
  • A Laser feature is useful for highlighting specific regions of the whiteboard.

How to Add Google Jamboard to Your Course

While you could provide a link to Google Jamboard from your course site in Canvas or Blackboard (, Jamboard exists outside of the learning management system.  It is accessible by going directly to the URL or from the Apps menu in Google.

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Posted by September 4, 2020