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Google Docs

Google Docs is a full-featured online document editor. Documents created in Google Docs can be shared with other users, allowing students to collaborate on the same document in real-time. Google Docs is poart of the Google Apps suite of tools and is available to all Princeton students. Google Docs is also integrated into Canvas as Canvas Collaborations so that students can work on a document together directly from any Canvas course.

Why Use Google Docs?

  • Princeton provides all students with Google accounts, meaning that there is no need to register students accounts.
  • Students can collaborate on documents in real-time, making the tool very useful for remote collaborations.
  • Google Docs also supports comments, spelling and grammar checks, translation, and version histories.

How to Add Google Docs Your Course

Any Google Doc that has been shared with students can be linked to from your Blackboard, Canvas, or McGraw Commons website.

Posted by September 4, 2020