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Google Colab

Google Colab provides online, shared instances of Jupyter Notebook without having to download or install any software. Jupyter notebooks are web-based interactive computational documents often used in computer and data-focused disciplines. Jupyter Notebooks combine executable code with narrative text in Markdown format.

Why Use Google Colab?

  • Google Colab is available to students as part of their Princeton Google account. Keep in mind however that because Google Colab is available for free, computing resources on the platform may be throttled or otherwise restricted.
  • With Google Colab (or Jupyter Notebook generally), student assignments submissions can consist not only of results, but also the programming code used to reach those results.
  • Jupyter (iPython) Notebooks can be saved from Google Colab directly to Google Drive or Github.

How to Add Google Colab to Your Course

Google Colab is completely online and there is no integration with the course management system.  Students can complete their Jupyter Notebook assignments in Google Colab and submit them to a shared Google Drive folder or Github repository.

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Posted by October 1, 2020