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FromThePage is an open-source platform, hosted by the University of Texas Libraries, for collaborating on the transcription or OCR correction of texts and the creation digital editions. FromThePage may be particularly useful as an aid in the transcription of handwritten documents. Create an index to a document using wiki-markup to tag people, places, and other subjects of interest within your documents. From the page supports versioning and shared notes on individual pages.

Why Use FromThePage?

  • Transcription and translation activities encourage close reading and deep interactions with primary sources.
  • Transcription and translation work can be part of a broader course-long project or students can contribute to existing archives and collections.
  • FromThePage is IIIF-compliant, meaning that you can immediately make use of digitized resources from any institution from which collections are made available via IIIF, including the Princeton University Library and Princeton University Art Museum.

Additional Resources:

Why Teach with FromThePage and FromThePage User Guide, University of Texas Libraries
Laura Morreale, Transcription in the Classroom: IIIF for Teaching and Learning. Youtube, 2020-03-25 IIIF Community Call

Posted by October 29, 2021