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Developed by the Vanderbilt Initiative in Data-intensive Astrophysics and the Frist Center for Autism and Innovation, Filtergraph is a free online tool for creating visualizations of data, with support for large datasets. Users create a portal to which data is uploaded in a variety of supported file types. This portal can be shared with other users. Data can be graphed in multiple dimensions with fully customizable filtering and display options. Filtergraph can generate a wide variety of visualzations types, including scatter plots, world map, line charts, histograms, heatmaps, and bar and pie charts.

Why Use Filtergraph?

  • Filtergraph can handle large datasets and can render those datasets quickly.
  • Filters and settings allow you to generate many different views of the same data.
  • In addition to data visualizations, Filtergraph provide statistics about your data (minimum, median, maximum, mean, standard deviation, etc.)

How to Add Filtergraph to Your Course

Filtergraph is an online tool and is free to use after creating an account.

Additional Resources:
Filtergraph wiki help documentation

Posted by September 4, 2020