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Digital Learning Lab

The Digital Learning Lab (DLL), part of Princeton University’s McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, is a technology-rich teaching space in the Lewis Science Library building. The DLL provides a flexible space for interdisciplinary dialogues around digital pedagogy and for teaching and learning with technology. The DLL actively supports courses with the planning and completion of innovative course assignments, and/or co-curricular digital learning components.

Why Use Digital Learning Lab?

  • The DLL space is configured with 15 computers optimized for multimedia projects. Each machine features a curated slate of software tools for multimedia projects such as audio and video editing, graphic design, data visualization, 3-D modeling, and website development. The DLL also includes an audio recording booth for voiceover narration and music production.
  • Staff from the McGraw Center and the Digital Learning Lab can provide assistance in planning a digital assignment for your course as well as ongoing support to ensure the successful completion of those assignments, including on-site or in-class training on a range of digital tools.

How to use the Digital Learning Lab to Your Course

Contact the Digital Learning Lab at or through the McGraw DLL website.

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