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CollectionBuilder an open-source, minimal-infrastructure platform for developing online archives and collections, developed by librarians at the University of Idaho. Using CollectionBuilder, students can develop attractive and engaging websites that can include interactive maps, timelines, tag clouds, search, and subject-based browsing. CollectionBuilder also automatically generates and published data in a variety of formats enabling visualization and analysis in other platforms and tools. CollectionBuilder is a static site generator (based on Jekyll). Collections are most often hosted on GitHub and published using GitHub Pages, but can also be made available on other web hosts.

Why Use CollectionBuilder?

  • Because Collection Builder is generally hosted on and makes use of GitHub, it may require some initial preparation to establish the platform. After this, however, adding additional content to the collection is extremely easy as long as contributors have GitHub accounts.
  • GitHub Pages (and therefore also CollectionBuilder websites) can be public or private.

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Posted by April 14, 2021