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ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is an online version of the popular ArcGIS software.  A Geographic Information System (GIS) is software designed to store, manipulate, and analyze spatial data. Through Princeton’s ArcGIS Online portal, maps can be shared with other Princeton users or made public on the web. ArcGIS Online contains a wide array of basemaps and datasets with which to design and populate your map. Additionally, ArcGIS Online provides templates for digital storytelling in which student writing can be illustrated with images, audio, video, and interactive maps.  The most frequently used template for courses is called StoryMaps.

Why Use ArcGIS?

  • ArcGIS Online gives students experience with a professional-level toolset for working with spatial data.
  • With the addition of StoryMap and other narrative tools, ArcGIS Online is very useful for digital assignments.  Students can combine written research with video, images, and maps and create attractive online displays.

How to Add ArcGIS to Your Course

ArcGIS Online is available to anyone with a Princeton netid and is made available through through Princeton’s Maps and Geospatial Information Center,

Additional Resources:

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