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AntConc is a freely-available desktop corpus search and concordancing program available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  AntConc is easy to use but offers many powerful functions for analyzing corpora, including concordancing, collocation search, and word frequency, keyword, and n-grams lists. It also, importantly, supports the use of regular expressions in search queries.  Regular expressions enable advanced searching beyond simple term matching.

Why Use AntConc?

  • AntConc is easy to use, can be installed many platforms, and can be set up quickly to execute simple searches across corpora containing multiple documents,  but also contains features that allow one to construct more advanced analyses.
  • Because AntConc is desktop software, it may perform better than online tools when dealing with large corpora.
  • As with other text analysis tools, AntConc tends not to answer questions about texts but may help to formulate questions for further research. For this reason, AntConc can form the basis of classroom assignments that spur discussion.

How to Add AntConc to Your Course

AntConc is a freely available, downloadable desktop application.

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