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Anchor is an online podcast creation tool in which audio segments can be recorded, combined with music and sound effects, and then sequenced to generate a finished podcast. Audio can be recorded directly on the website or in the mobile ‘app’ and the resulting .mp3 audio file can be downloaded or syndicated via Spotify or other podcasting service.

Why Use Anchor?

  • While a good podcast still benefits from a good microphone, recording online makes the process very easy. There is no need to download any desktop software.
  • Recording in shorter segments also makes the process much easier in that if one makes a mistake, it will most likely not require that one re-record the entire podcast.

How to Add Anchor to Your Course

Anchor is a free, online tool. While the resulting podcast audio file can be uploaded to the Canvas course management system or to a class blog on McGraw Commons, there is no integration between this tool and those platforms.

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Posted by September 4, 2020