The new McGraw Center Teaching Lab

The dust has cleared and been swept away! After a long summer of construction, Frist 330 has been completed as the McGraw Center’s newest space — a lab for teaching with technology.

The new space features:

  • Two interactive whiteboard projectors (write on the wall with digital ink)
  • A video conferencing station with an 80″ display, and built-in whiteboard and touch interface
  • An 80″ smart TV
  • A collaborative learning station for screen sharing
  • Two floor-to-ceiling dry erase walls
  • A document camera
  • A wide-angle Skype cam
  • An easy-to-use lecture capture system that will record your screen and your voice
  • Voice amplification for lectures and panel discussions


Writing on the wall with digital ink.


A month ago . . .


. . . and now. Write on the wall. Write on the screen. Write on that rolling whiteboard. It’s all good.

Frist330 newChairs3

With easily movable tables for re-configurable classroom seating options


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Posted by October 8, 2014