The IHUM New Schools — A yearlong experiment in pedagogical practice. Workshop, May 5th

 New Schools is a project sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities at Princeton (IHUM). Its goal is to broaden the range and scope of university teaching by bringing together the best of contemporary art with the best of contemporary scholarship. The project pairs artists with Princeton professors to create experimental lesson-plans within the curricula of particular Princeton classes, undergraduate and graduate.
The New Schools Projects:

  • A theater director and a historian of science tackle theories of pedagogy and performance
  • A poet and a literary critic devise a new method for understanding the cultural import of finance
  • A scholar of modern Greek and a performance artist undertake an exercise in radical translation
  • A filmmaker and an art historian interrogate the history of the American image
  • A computer scientist and a photographer explore the cognitive effects of video game design (Fall, 2016)

2:30pm-5:30pm,  106 McCormick Hall

Over the 2015–2016 academic year, the IHUM project New Schools brought four artists into four Princeton classes to devise creative experiments in pedagogy. In this workshop, the participants will present their collaborations and examine what they can reveal about the artistry of teaching. What risks accompany the departure from the norms of seminar or lecture instruction, and what new kinds of knowledge might it yield? The New Schools Workshop opens a forum for thinking about the place of artistic practice within higher education, probing the potentials of interdisciplinarity for its future.

Collaborators include:

David Levine, Chiara Cappelletto and D. Graham Burnett (Department of History of Science);

Natalie Diaz (Lewis Center for the Arts) and Rachel Price (Department of Spanish and Portuguese);

Aki Sasamoto and Karen Emmerich (Department of Comparative Literature);

Pacho Velez (Lewis Center for the Arts) and Rachael DeLue (Department of Art and Archaeology)


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