During a recent summer study abroad trip in Aix-en-Provence, students used Siftr to document the ‘linguistic landscape’ in France.

Siftr is an online platform and accompanying smartphone ‘app’ that allows groups of people to collect photographs ‘in the field’ and have those photos geo-located on a map. Developed by Field Day Lab at the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research at the University of Wisconsin Madison, Siftr is a freely available data collection and visualization platform that allows users to upload, caption and geotag images and field observations. Uploaded information can be viewed and accessed as icons on a map or in a photo gallery. Users can filter the view of information by zooming in on the map, sorting the collection by tags and categories, or by searching for keywords. Students can add captions to their posts and leave comments on posts uploaded by others. Siftr has been used in language classes here at Princeton and in summer study abroad experiences to catalog language use in public, but could also be very useful in research or in classroom work that involves any sort of field data collection.

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