Share and work online with others

Have you ever needed to work on a document in real time with another colleague, inside or outside Princeton?

driveThe Google Drive provisioned by Princeton is an easy way to share documents for others and collaborate in real time on presentations, text documents, spreadsheets and images. It helps to keep document versions from getting out of control by emailing files back and forth among collaborators, as everyone sees edits as they happen. It is a particularly good platform for sharing with students, most of whom have Princeton Google accounts. It is possible to share a Google document in the Princeton account with a colleague outside of Princeton.

Blackboard has many features that allow documents to be shared with a class, or files uploaded by a student to be shared privately with an instructor.

Microsoft’s Sharepoint is a popular way to share documents among staff colleagues at Princeton.

The use of outside cloud-based services should not be used for documents of a sensitive nature, or those containing information that is controlled under FERPA regulations. For this, it is recommended that one of the Princeton solutions listed above be used instead to better protect your work-related documents. The policies for managing electronic information (including work-related documents) is described on the page describing Princeton’s IT Policy.

For more information, refer to this summary of Collaboration Tools in the OIT Knowledge Base, or to this OIT page on Collaboration Tools.

More about Princeton’s Google accounts for students.

More about Princeton’s Google accounts for faculty and staff.

Posted by October 12, 2015