Request a supplemental course web site

The Blackboard team at Princeton automatically creates a course web site for every class taught at Princeton. Faculty members receive an email several weeks before the start of each semester, advising that their course pages are ready. The email also contains the auto-generated listserv for each course (so that students can be contacted as a group, without having to log into Blackboard).

The Blackboard help line is 8-0737. It is staffed 24/7.

For more information, tutorials and training requests, visit the Blackboard Home page.

If the Blackboard site is lacking a feature you desire, many courses supplement their Blackboard site with other tools. Some of these are built into Blackboard (for example, Piazza), others are external services, such as a WordPress course blog.

Do you need a supplemental website for your course? Please discuss the options with us a

Posted by October 12, 2015