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Google Earth Basics Tutorials

The Educational Technology Clearinghouse has created basic Google Earth video tutorials that they host on their site. They are in the .mov format and stream from their site. It covers very basic steps such as how to rotate inside Google Earth and how to add image overlays to a Google Earth map. To see all […]

April 3, 2013

Google Earth Tutorials By Google Inc.

The Google Earth team at Google has created a playlist of video tutorials on how to use different features of Google Earth. To view the entire list of videos available click on the following link:

April 3, 2013

Introduction to QGIS (Giới thiệu QGIS)

February 14, 2013

Introduction to ArcMap

ArcMap is the main component of Esri’s ArcGIS suite of geospatial processing programs, and is used primarily to view, edit, create, and analyze geospatial data. ArcMap allows the user to explore data within a data set, symbolize features accordingly, and create maps.

February 14, 2013