Overleaf for collaborative editing in LaTeX

The Princeton University Library provides free Overleaf Professional accounts for all students, faculty and staff. Overleaf is a collaborative, online LaTeX editor supporting real-time group authoring of LaTeX documents. Overleaf also includes a document history outlining changes made to a document, who made those changes, and when those changes were made. Documents can be reverted back to earlier versions and files can be synchronized with Dropbox, GitHub, or other Git repository.

LaTeX, the markup language used in Overleaf documents, is most well known as a tool for authoring scientific documents due to its ability to render complex mathematical expressions, but LaTeX can be useful for academic writing in any discipline, including functions for document layout, footnotes and annotations, tables, bibliographies, and international language support including spellcheck in over 60 languages. With the addition of add-on packages of which there are thousands, LaTeX can be extended to create graphics such as chemical or circuit diagrams, flowcharts, and timelines.

Overleaf provides a range of templates to get your projects started, including templates for writing academic articles, formal letters, lab reports, CVs, and even posters and presentations. The Overleaf interface offers a convenient dual-pane layout allowing you to compose LaTeX in one window and compile a preview of the resulting document in another.

Visit the Overleaf Princeton Portal to create a free professional account using your Princeton e-mail address as your username.

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