Next-gen document cameras (are small)

The McGraw Center has recently purchased a document camera that can be borrowed for course use or lecture flipping.

If the last document camera you’ve seen is about the size of a dorm-room refrigerator you will be surprised at how small and functional these new cameras are.

This particular one has a touch-screen interface:


The interface not only gives you touch access to camera controls, but a preview of what is displayed on the screen behind you:


The camera takes very large images with its 8MP camera. Click on the dollar detail to see the actual pixel size of a full image:


The camera also has a built in video function, and on-board SD card for local storage (saved format is .avi). The camera and microphone will record you doing a demonstration, writing on a flat surface, or rotating an object.

Unusual for a document camera, there is a white-balance feature, which allows adjustment for true colors in any lighting situation–this is important for say, art objects, where fidelity to the original is critical.

For more information about the camera, contact


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